Daisosho 95th Birthday Greeting Request

Dear Midorikai Alumni, Friends, and Supporters,

We trust that this message finds you well and in good spirits at this lovely period of vibrant green landscapes.

We are writing because in one month, on April 19, Daisosho Sen Genshitsu (Sen Soshitsu XV) will celebrate his 95th birthday. Five years ago, we, the Urasenke Midorikai Alumni, organized and sent a collection of 90th birthday messages, and it feels like time to do it again!

On this occasion, we would like to gather birthday greetings from as many alumni as possible to present to Daisosho-sama on his birthday. To keep things simple and unified, we would like for everyone to submit A4 sized birthday messages filled with photos and simple greetings (to keep the book of messages interesting and place no burden of translation on UMAA officers).

The hope is to reaffirm to Daisosho-sama the great impact he has had on the spread of tea and peacefulness across the world. It would be great to see how all of us have incorporated chado into our lives beyond Ogawa-dori and Urasenke Gakuen. How has chado fused with your life--found harmony with your contemporary lifestyle?

The deadline for messages is April 12 (Thursday).

See below for details and submission guidelines. If you have questions or concerns, please contact us at urasenkemidorikai@gmail.com.

Please share this message with all your classmates and the alumni you know! This is an important occasion, so encourage them to participate. The clock is ticking, so start hunting down those “natsukashii” photos!

Thank you all for your continuing love and support of chado, and for taking a moment to join us in celebrating our great benefactor and inspiration.

Urasenke Midorikai Alumni Association

Birthday Greeting Submission Guidelines

·Please prepare an A4 size, portrait-oriented data document (PDF or Word document preferred - ASK if you have questions about file types). If you are using a word processing program, there should be a size A4 selection under Page Setup > Paper Size. If this is not in your word processing program you can set the A4 size manually (210mm width X 297mm height or 8.3inches X 11.7inches).

·Fill the page with photos, designs, and a (simple) greeting to Daisosho (Hounsai) Sen Genshitsu! If you have a picture with Daisosho, please attach it, and any photos you have of tea as part of your life now, where you are. If you like, a short handwritten or typed message can be included. These are only suggestions, please be creative and have fun! …Just be sure to “sign” your work with your name and info somewhere on the greeting!

·Please include your name, country, study period and current location/association somewhere on the greeting!!! Don’t make us look you up and add the info for you!

·Email your greetings as an attachment to urasenkemidorikai@gmail.com no later than Thursday, April 12, 2018.