Daisosho 88th Birthday Message


The cherry blossoms have bloomed, and combined with the green of the weeping willows, the world has turned into the spring scene of "hana wa kurenai, yanagi wa midori" - literally, "the flowers are pink and the willows are green."

The recent, unprecedented huge earthquake, and the triple blow from also being struck by the tsunami and nuclear plant disaster, have caused Japan to once again be in distress in all sorts of ways. It is a mournful situation, and I sincerely pray for the repose of the souls of the victims whose lives were lost. I am determined to do what meager bit I carry to be of some slight help in the surviving people's quick recovery.

Amid such a situation my thoughts about my own petty Beiju (88th) birthday vanished somewhere, and I feel so anguished about the disaster that celebrating my birthday is unthinkable. This notwithstanding, however, I thank you for your message of congratulations straightaway, for my Beiju. I wish to express my appreciation and gratitude for your kind thoughts and gesture.

Once things settle down and the world at large becomes more peaceful, I would like to directly express my gratitude to you. For the time being, this is a quick, brief message of thanks. Though the season now is pleasant I hope you will still be careful of your health.

Genshitsu Sen
Former Urasenke Iemoto
April 2011

Message from Gary Cadwallader

To all those who sent messages to Daisosho on the occasion of his eighty-eighth birthday,

The Midorikai Alumni Association expresses sincere appreciation to each and every one who took the time to send Hounsai Daisosho a birthday greeting on this auspicious occasion. The day of April 19th, 2011, Daisosho enjoyed a happy eighty-eighth birthday, highlighted by the many flowers, cards and good wishes sent from students from all over the world.

All the cards and electronic messages were put into a file book and a list of all the contributors with their original countries and Midorikai attendance dates preceded the cards. There were messages from over 130 alumni in 25 countries. Daisosho was very happy to have been remembered and felt gratified that his support of the Midorikai program had such a large impact on so many alumni. We hope that the continuing activities of the Alumni Association will help to reassure Daisosho of the members' sincerity and devotion.

Again, thank you for your cooperation.

Yours very truly,
Gary C. Cadwallader, Midorikai 1979 - 1982