Konnichian Restoration News and UMAA Donation Drive

                             Totsutotsusai Dismantled                                   Totsutotsusai Ceiling Section
(large photographs)                                    (photographs courtesty Urasenke Kyoto)

Thanks to the generosity of alumni from around the world, UMAA's initial goal of $5,000 for the Konnichian Restoration Fund has been met! We are proud to be part of such an amazing community of tea people.

Now, with slightly less than one month left before the donation is to be offered to Oiemoto sama and Daisosho sama, UMAA would like to propose an even more ambitious goal in support of this historic undertaking: let's double the gift and aim to offer $10,000.

Some board members have pledged Matching Funds for donations made by February 15th! That means your gift could be doubled to meet this new goal. The Matching Fund pledge is intended to encourage small donations. Donations under $100 will be matched up to $1,000.

The history of Urasenke is embodied in the tearooms that make up Konnichian. What an incredible opportunity to join in taking care of this place where our tea hearts reside.

Donor names [without amounts] will accompany the offering: let's try to make that list as long as possible. Every gift helps.

You can donate through the PayPal button below.

Thank you for your devotion to the Urasenke Tradition of Chanoyu.

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