Glenn A. Sorei Pereira



boiled egg yolk 1
shiroan (white smooth bean paste) 300gm (10.5oz)
joshinko (rice flour) 10gm (0.35oz)
baking powder 1gm (approx. 1/4tsp.)
raw egg yolk 1
azuki koshian (adzuki smooth bean paste) 240 gm (8.45oz)
sarashian (see note) 1/3 cup (give or take)

(Note - Sarashian is dry powdered azuki koshian that is available in some Japanese and Asian markets. If it is not available it can be omitted and the finished sweet will be yellow on the outside.)

1. Strain cooked egg yolk.
2. Add strained cooked egg yolk to shiro an and cook over low heat,
then cool.
3. Add joshinko and baking powder and mix well.
4. Add raw egg yolk.
5. Make balls out of both shiroan mixture and akaan.
6. Wrap shiroan mixture around akaan.
7. Roll each ball in sarashian.
8. Steam for 5 minutes over high heat.
9. Each sweet should crack open when ready.

Koshian ball 20 gr
Shiroan finished ball 24 gr
Above makes 12 sweets

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