Urasenke Midorikai Alumni Association

Important Update - Dec. 22, 2016

Dear Midorikai Alums Around the World,

We send our best wishes and hope that you are enjoying the wonderful season in your country.

Worldwide there are over 500 Midorikai alums eager to lend their hands to their teachers' efforts locally and to meet other alums. Daisosho and Oiemoto embrace as alums all students who have attended even one day at Midorikai and have encouraged the creation of an alumni association.

The goal of the Urasenke Midorikai Alumni Association (UMAA) is to support these alums in their continued study and practice of Chanoyu and in their continued close connections with the Sen family, especially the younger generations.

At the first meeting of the UMAA, thirty-one alums from eight countries suggested developing a network of regional advisors around the world to help with these goals. It seems that many alums are already connected in informal networks and actively seek one another out through personal connections and social media. At the same time, a desire for greater connectedness was expressed. The UMAA hopes to provide a structure to link these networks together and facilitate connections among the broader community of Midorikai alums.

This letter reaches out to you in hopes that you will consider volunteering to be a regional advisor of the UMAA. Those alums who already are reaching out to others and have created a network would advance the starting point for this endeavor. In terms of geographical regions, the region may be as large as a continent but preferably smaller transnational representation will emerge with the volunteers.

Even if you feel unable to volunteer as a regional advisor now, your input is essential for shaping the role of regional advisor and the working of the UMAA. Please let us know your suggestions and comments.

Thoughts on the active role for regional advisors:

create a communication network among alums in their region

publicize regional events and activities through posting on UMAA media

share Urasenke Headquarters and UMAA Board information with regional alums

relay information and ideas from local alums to the UMAA Board

become future UMAA Board members

These are just a few initial thoughts. The hope is that alums and the advisors themselves will shape the role and the future direction of the UMAA.

Please, all those interested in this process contact urasenkemidorikai@gmail.com with nominations/self-nominations for regional advisors as well as suggestions and comments.

With thanks for your help and participation.

UMAA Board