Janet Ikeda
Lexington, VA


Microwave momo daifuku
(peach mochi)


Peach (fresh fruit) 1 (cut into bite-sized pieces)
White an 100gm (3.52oz)

shiratamako (sweet rice flour) 50gm (1.76oz)
sugar  50gm (1.76oz)
water  90 ml (0.36c)
katakuriko (potato starch) 1/2c or as needed

1. Cut fruit into 10 bite-sized pieces.
2. Divide an into 10 balls. Wrap the an around cut pieces of fruit.
3. Mix shiratamako, sugar and water with a whisk in a microwave dish. Be sure to completely dissolve     shiratamako.
4. Cover the dish and put in the microwave for 3 minutes on high.
5. With a wooden paddle knead until the color is slightly translucent. Turn out into a pan covered with     katakuriko.
6. Fashion the mixture into a roll and pinch off ten pieces with your hand.
7. Flatten and stretch a piece of the gyuhi and cover the white an/fruit ball.
*To give the appearance of a real peach, press the back side of a knife lengthwise into the top of the finished sweet.
(Note - Fresh strawberries can be substituted.)

(Translated from:Matsui, Michiru. Kyo wa wagashi no kibun. Bunka Shuppankyoku, 2001, pp10-11.)

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