Kimika Soko Takechi
Larry Sokyo Tiscornia


(rice dumplings & sweet sauce)


jyoshinko (rice flour) 140gm (4.93oz)
mochiko (sweet rice flour) 60gm (2.11oz)
warm water approximately 200cc (0.8cup)

dark brown sugar 4T
water 5 1/3T
katakuriko (potato/arrowroot starch) approx. 3/4 - 1 T
usukuchi shoyu (thin soy sauce) 1 1/3T
(note 1T = 3tsp.)

For the sauce:
In a heavy bottom pan mix the 4 sauce ingredients until the katakuriko is dissolved. Cook over low/medium heat until dissolved and thick. If the sauce gets too thick it can be thinned with more water. (If the sauce is thinned it is necessary to add more sugar and soy sauce.) Transfer to a bowl and allow to cool. (note - The proportions of the sauce ingredients can be adjusted to ones own taste.) The sauce can be warmed before using by covering with plastic wrap and warming in a microwave oven or by placing the bowl in a bowl with hot water.)

For the dumplings: Mix both flours together and sift into a bowl. Add water and mix until a dough is formed. Knead so that the dough is smooth. Separate the dough into approximately 12-15gm (1/2oz) pieces. Using the palms of your hands form the dough into small balls. Thread 3 balls onto bamboo skewers that have been soaked in cold water for 1 hour. Steam the skewers for approximately 10-15 minutes over med/high heat in a cloth lined steamer until cooked through. Grill the skewered dumplings over high heat until lightly browned. A preheated Japanese style stovetop grate/grill works best. They can also be grilled in a hot oven broiler. If using a broiler, cover the ends of the skewers with foil to prevent burning. Brush or spoon the sweet sauce over the tops of the dumplings just before serving. This recipe makes approximately 24 dumplings or 8 skewers. The sauce recipe should be enough for approx. 2 batches of sweets.

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