SAVE THE DATES: JUNE 26-30, 2018
Zabosai Oiemoto sama and Hounsai Daisosho sama generously have granted the Urasenke Midorikai Alumni Association (UMAA) the opportunity for three days of study practice at Urasenke Konnichian in Kyoto. Two days of educational activities organized by UMAA will follow.
At the UMAA meeting in Hawaii in February 2016 and through the online survey, alums universally expressed a desire to continue their studies. A report was immediately made to Oiemoto and Daisosho. We are grateful for their positive response to UMAA's advocacy for this event since that time.
More details, including associated orei and fees, will be forthcoming as activities are finalized. If you are interested in attending, or in learning more details, please email urasenkemidorikai@gmail.com to make sure we have your up-to-date contact information.
This is a very exciting first study opportunity for UMAA! Please join in support of your alumni association! Please share this with all the Midorikai alums you know.

Welcome to U.M.A.A.

Welcome to the website of the Urasenke Midorikai Alumni Association. We would like to introduce you to a group of enthusiastic Urasenke tea practitioners living throughout the world. The well-known Zen saying senri dofu (), which is often found in the tea room, says it best - "a thousand leagues, the same breeze." Whether we find ourselves separated from other tea people by leagues, miles or kilometers, it is certain that we all take delight in the same breeze that emanates from the Urasenke tradition of tea.

The steering committee members are all volunteers who willingly dedicate their time and service to the establishment and maintenance of this organization. With the same spirit in which we serve a bowl of tea, we wish to serve all of you and help people make connections and foster a sense of unity in our practice of tea.

We are most fortunate that Grand Tea Master Soshitsu Sen XVI, Zabosai Oiemoto, and the former Grand Tea Master Hounsai Sen Genshitsu have greeted the formation of the Urasenke Midorikai Alumni Association with their enthusiasm and excitement. It is with much gratitude that we dedicate this organization to both of them. It is due greatly to Urasenke's support and encouragement of non-Japanese that many of us have been introduced to the study of tea. The unique organization known as Midorikai has come to be known worldwide. It has come to serve as an enduring legacy that has been sustained by Oiemoto and Daisosho's vision and guidance. People's lives have been changed by their study of tea and, in turn, they have changed the lives of others.

updated 9/4/2017